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Our 5-25 yard PAPER PISTOL range is a 32 lane three sided building with target stands at 5, 15, AND 25 yards. We've installed two industrial fans at each end to keep you cool during hot summer days. In addition to our paper pistol range, we have a multi-lane steel tactical target range. Whether it's a handgun carry class or tactical training, we have you covered. Need some ammo? Stop by our pro-shop before heading out to the ranges.  

Pistol Layout

- 32 lane paper pistol range
(5, 15, & 25 yard target stands)
- Steel tactical target pistol ranges
(metal target stands at various distances)


Pistol Range Specific Regulations

- Steel pistol tactical ranges
(No rifles allowed, holster draw is authorized)
- Paper pistol
(Youths may fire .22 caliber rifles only at a distance of 25 yards, slugs are allowed, shot shells are not, drawing or shooting from the holster is prohibited)

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